Cost-Benefit Studies

Aos, S., Lieb, R., Mayfield, J., Miller, M., Pennucci, A. (2004). Benefits and costs of prevention and early intervention programs for youth. Olympia: Washington State Institute for Public Policy.

Does prevention pay? Can an ounce of prevention avoid (at least) an ounce of cure? More specifically for public policy purposes, is there credible scientific evidence that for each dollar a legislature spends on é─˙research-basedé─¨ prevention or early intervention programs for youth, more than a dollaré─˘s worth of benefits will be generated? If so, what are the policy options that offer taxpayers the best return on their dollar?  This report presents the findings of economic analysis of the costs and benefits of prevention and early intervention programs for youth. It also provides an overview of how the analyses were conducted. Among these findings, the results indicated that the LifeSkills Training (LST) program yields a return on investment of more than $25 for each dollar invested.

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