Evaluation Studies
Fraguela, J. A., Martin, A. L., & Trinanes, E. A. (2003). Drug-Abuse prevention in the school: Four-year follow-up of a programme. Psychology in Spain, 7, 29-38.

This work presents the results obtained on applying a drug-abuse prevention programme, an adaption of Botviné─˘s é─˙Lifeskills trainingé─¨ programme. The initial sample comprised 1029 adolescents from five secondary schools in the city of Santiago de Compostela (NW Spain), distributed in three experimental conditions, two treatment, in which the programme was applied by teachers or by members of the research team, and a control condition. The article presents the results on the use of different drugs over four years of follow-up. The results obtained show how for the treatment condition lower levels of tobacco and alcohol consumption are found after a year of follow-up. In later evaluations these effects fade, but important differences emerge in the use of other drugs, such as cannabis, tranquilizers or amphetamines.

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