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LST Materials and Curriculum

What materials are needed to teach the LST program?  LST is a self-contained, teacher friendly, and easy-to teach curriculum. One of the strengths of the LST program is its simplicity. It only requires a Teacher's Manual and the Student Guide for each student. Audio CDs containing relaxation exercises, a Smoking & Biofeedback DVD, CD-ROMs, and companion websites are also available to supplement the curriculum.

What about the booster sessions? Research shows that booster sessions are important both to maintain the initial (year 1) prevention effects (usually administered in either 6th or 7th grade) and to increase the long-term impact of the LST program. In other words, students who receive booster sessions derive a greater benefit from the program than those who receive only one year of LST (e.g., Botvin et al., 1983, J Behav Med; Botvin et al. (2001, Prev Science). Research also indicates that students who have received all three years of the LST program (the primary year plus two years of booster sessions) showed the strongest prevention effects (e.g., Botvin, Baker, Dusenbury, Botvin, & Diaz, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1995). The proper timing of booster sessions based on our research is each of the two years after the initial year of the prevention program.  For example, if the initial year of the program is grade 7, then booster sessions would be administered in grades 8 and 9. The bottom line: Studies published in scientific journals prove that LST is an effective prevention program that reduces substance use, violence, and other health risk behaviors, and that students who receive the LST program (year 1) plus two years of booster sessions (years 2 and 3) derive the greatest benefit.

Is there a Spanish version of LST available?  The Parent program is available in Spanish.

Is there an LST program for parents?  The LST Parent Program is a powerful prevention resource for parents of children ages 11-14. The program is designed to help parents and caregivers improve general parenting skills that help to promote pro-health behaviors and foster family communication through activities for parents and their children. A workshop version of the LST Parent Program is also available, designed to offer sites both tailored and flexible workshop options.

Does LST offer multimedia tools to support the program?  The LST Elementary CD-ROMs are exciting, animated programs that teach children valuable skills for life and that supplement the LST Elementary School Program. The LST Middle School 101: Skills for Success CD-ROM is an engaging video-based CD-ROM that supplements the LST Middle School program in computer labs or individual self-study at home.


WHAT IS BOTVIN LIFESKILLS TRAINING'S POLICY ON TOBACCO FUNDING? Over the past few years, some tobacco companies have offered funding for youth smoking prevention programs to states, schools, and local agencies.

Before accepting funds for smoking prevention programs from any tobacco company, we encourage interested individuals to consult the website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and review it's guidelines concerning private funding for smoking prevention programs at:   Our own policy is to not accept funds from any tobacco company. We have never accepted funding from any tobacco company for the evaluation, updating, promotion, or for any other aspect of the Botvin LifeSkills Training program.

Everyone associated with the LST program is fully committed to preventing tobacco use by America's youth. We strongly urge anyone interested in implementing the LST program to follow the CDC's guidelines in order to determine the most appropriate source of funding for this effective and well-respected prevention program.

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