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VIDEO: LifeSkills Training, Making Education Fun for Children

Watch Kat Allen from the Communities that Care Coalition, a Partnership for Youth Program of the [Massachusetts] Franklin Regional Council of Governments, and Kate Blair from the Frontier Regional School in Deerfield, MA, as they discuss their successes with implementing LifeSkills Training to help reduce teen drug (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs including opioids) use in their community.

"It's dynamic. I find that it's an easy curriculum to teach because it's easy to get enthusiastic about it! And as a teacher that's really what makes a lesson and a curriculum so worthwhile. When I can be enthusiastic about it easily, so can the kids," said Kate. 

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Studies show that students who go through this program are much less likely to engage in drugs and other forms of dangerous behaviors later in life. Tobacco use was also shown to be reduced by 87% and alcohol use by 60%.

The LifeSkills Training program involves a set curriculum with interactions and role-plays between teachers and students. The teachers have been using the curriculum for more than a year now, and are seeing the results.


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