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Helping Youngsters Manage Their Feelings

A great deal of emphasis is placed on building the self-esteem of the pupils at Elliot Primary School and that’s why, every day, they pay compliments to one student.

The idea is that the other pupils all compliment the student, who is chosen at random, to make them feel celebrated, wanted and encouraged.

It is just one of the many techniques employed by teachers at the school through the PATHS Programme, run by PRIDE Bermuda, which is celebrating its 30th year of operating.

Since it was founded, PRIDE, whose mission statement is ‘To Prevent the Use and Abuse of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Amongst Our Youth’, has helped more than 13,000 young people in Bermuda.

There have also been some significant milestones in terms of training and courses offered and in 1998 PRIDE implemented its continuum of youth programmes involving 18 schools and 120 members and in 2005, six schools implemented the PRIDE Pals Programme in their Primary 6-year curriculum.

In 2009 PRIDE Bermuda, in collaboration with Caron Bermuda, now Pathways Bermuda, launched the first phase of implementing a Student Assistance Programme.

A pilot of the LifeSkills Training Middle Programme, one of the SAP prevention programmes, was launched at Whitney Institute Middle School and in 2012 the three-year pilot was completed, where the results deemed the programme a success in improving student knowledge, and skills.

Other programmes include the High School LifeSkills, which is aimed at helping students cope with the challenges of high school.

The Parent Programme is designed to help parents strengthen communication with their children and prevent them using substances.

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