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Cutting Prevention Funds Could Prove Too Costly

For more than a decade, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency has helped communities implement evidence-based initiatives, such as Botvin LifeSkills Training, to encourage healthy youth development.

Now, as a result of a budget bill passed by the Pennsylvania Senate that would slash state funding, these programs could be in danger.  The state Senate budget bill would cut $4.7 million for evidence-based prevention and intervention programs, $3 million for research-based violence prevention programs, and $3.13 million in state support for Weed and Seed.

This action could mean fewer support services for at-risk youth and their families, an alarming increase in problem and risk behaviors among youth, and ultimately, more youth entering an already stressed criminal justice system.

Citizens are encouraged to contact their local member of the House of Representatives and vote ''no'' on Senate Bill 850.

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