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Pacific Cascade Students Use LST to Make Tough Decisions

This year, seventh-graders at Pacific Cascade Middle School are getting a crash course in decision-making and a slew of other lifeskills, including how to say no to drugs, set goals and create a confident self image during their trimesterlong health class.

Students dissected the components of decision-making during a lesson Dec. 14. Counselor Lori Kasemeier asked them to consider what could influence a decision, and they came up with a list, including parents, friends, television, movies and advertisements.

Kasemeier and Counselor Sonja Petersen said students enjoyed having them as guest speakers in health class. The two applied for a grant so they could teach LifeSkills Training, by Gilbert Botvin, Ph.D. Beaver Lake Middle School also uses the curriculum with the support of Friends of Youth.

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