Bully Smart Series

Grade Levels: 36
Total Running Time: 60 minutes

This four-part comprehensive series and accompanying print curriculum deal with bullying behavior students face both in and out of school. Whether the viewer is the individual being bullied or the one doing the bullying, this program offers a fresh view of a serious problem and offers steps to remedy any bullying situation.

Includes: Four 15-minute Videos or DVD, Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

Videos in this series include:
Are You a Bully?
Don't Stand By
Five Ways to Stop a Bully
Help! I'm a Bully

ALso Available:
Bully Proof Kit

This unique video/DVD and print curriculum includes four Bully Smart videos plus engaging activity cards, role-play scenarios, as well as other activities and posters to reinforce and explore positive ways to recognize and deal with bullying situations.

Available in DVD format

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