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Dating for Real: Building Safe and Healthy Relationships

Grade Levels: 8 – 12

This three-part video series and curriculum uses pop-culture imagery, documentary interviews and entertaining acted-out dramas to inform youth about the elements of healthy relationships, violence and abuse in relationships, and other important factors affecting dating couples. Young people from very diverse backgrounds discuss real-life dating experiences and how old gender stereotypes are giving way to new expectations for equality and mutual respect. The 6-session curriculum is designed for 6 classroom sessions which highlight such clear objectives as: understanding gender stereotypes portrayed in the media, identifying valued characteristics in a dating partner, recognizing and responding effectively to the warning signs of dating abuse, and developing an action plan to improve personal relationships.

Includes: Video or DVD and Teacher’s Resource Book
Produced by: FaithTrust Institute for Human Relations Media, Inc.
Total running time: Three (3) 20 minute videos, closed captioned

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