Health and Nutrition

MyPlate & You: Learning about Nutrition, Health & Exercise

Grade Levels: 3—6
Total Running Time: 20 minutes

Price: $109.95

This fast-paced and entertaining program conforms with the newest USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, released in January, 2011. Viewers learn about MyPlate, the latest visual representation of what—and how much—we should eat at one sitting. Program identifies the five food groups (fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy) and shares valuable details about how young students can make nutrient-rich choices for each food group. Aside from reviewing MyPlate strategies, the program shows elementary students tips for eating smarter, selecting smaller portions, exercising more and understanding basic information about nutrition and food labeling. This comprehensive program offers young viewers the basics for avoiding obesity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in an age-appropriate, memorable fashion.

Includes: video, plus teacher’s resource book, student handouts and pre/post tests in digital formats

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