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Overweight in America: Why Are We Getting So Fat?

Grade Levels: 7—College

Total Running Time: 20 minutes
Price: $99.95

Huge portion sizes, fat-filled diets, too much TV/video games, and not enough exercise are common choices for a growing number of today’s teens. This timely program helps teens understand the serious health hazards of obesity and explores options for healthier eating and exercise. This program visits the Yale Bright Bodies Clinic, where teens and parents are learning how to change their lifestyles. Another segment looks in on an entire family trying to stem the tide of obesity. Teens will also see how a “fat camp” operates and how teens there are trying to get healthier. Lastly, the program visits former NFL quarterback, Dr. Archie Roberts, who is now a heart surgeon working with overweight NFL players trying to achieve maximum health with weight reduction.

Includes: Teacher’s Resource Book with Student Handouts

Available in DVD format

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