Health and Nutrition

Ten Reasons to Get in Shape

Grade Levels: 2ó6
Total Running Time: 20 minutes

Price: $99.95

This video combines up-to-date information with an upbeat, engaging, kid-friendly format to teach young students the reasons why physical fitness is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Young viewers will learn how regular exercise improves mood, builds strong muscles and dense bones, develops healthy lungs and heart, improves sleep and concentration, speeds recovery from ordinary illnesses, helps control weight, and enhances total physical and emotional health. Students will understand that a physically strong and fit body feels good and is the foundation for a long, healthy, happy, more productive life. Kids will explore basic nutrition and understand the problems of obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Easy - to - use and understand, this video emphasizes that exercise is fun and the payoff is a body that feels great.

Includes: Teacherís Resource Book with Student Handouts

Available in DVD format

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