Middle School
- The Real True and False About Alcohol, Marijuana, and Inhalants
- Alcohol & the Teenage Brain: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals
- Underage Drinking: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals

Top Ten Myths about Alcohol and Drugs

Grade levels: 7-College
Total running time: 20 minutes


Too many teens are either uninformed about the dangers of alcohol and drugs or in denial about the hazards they pose. With its clever use of satire, graphics and mock pop quizzes, this video educates students and captivates their attention. The following myths are exposed and discussed: Everybody's doing it; I can stop when I feel like it; Beer isn't as bad as hard liquor; I can get high and still be in control; I can drive a car when high on marijuana; Marijuana isn't harmful or addictive; Prescription drugs can't hurt me because they're legal; Drugs help relieve stress; Drugs and alcohol do not damage the brain; and Steroids do not damage the body. Each of these dangerous and destructive myths is rebutted with cold, hard facts, challenging students to recognize harmful behaviors in themselves and others and to take full responsibility for their personal health and safety.

Includes: Teacher's Resource Book with student handouts

Available in DVD format

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