Middle School
- The Real True and False About Alcohol, Marijuana, and Inhalants

Rushing, Crashing, Dying: The Meth Epidemic

 Grade levels: 7-College
Total running time: 25 minutes

This program takes viewers on a tour of the disastrous consequences of methamphetamine abuse. The video goes beyond the health risks of this increasingly popular drug to introduce recovering meth addicts who describe damage to family relationships, the difficult path of recovery, and the problems they face every day. Opening with a police raid on a lab, this documentary-style video/DVD interviews law enforcement authorities, hospital ER doctors, social workers, and recovered addicts and their families about the wide path of destruction caused by meth abuse.  Viewers learn how meth destroys the brain and body of users; how the toxic gases produced by making meth can poison children living in and near the meth labs; and how police, emergency services, and social services are overwhelmed by the epidemic.

Includes: Teacher's Resource Book with student handouts 

Available in DVD format

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