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Middle School
- Immediate Health Effects of Tobacco
- TARGETED! How Tobacco & Alcohol Companies Try to Get You Hooked

Nicotine Is a Drug: The Hidden Dangers of Addiction

Grade Levels: 4-9
Total running time: 12 minutes

Price$ 89.95

This program exposes the truth about nicotine, a highly addictive drug that wields incredible power over the user.  It emphasizes the dangers of nicotine addiction to the mind and body and equips students with valuable information to help them make the healthy decision to avoid the perils of smoking. Students will learn that there is nothing "casual" about a smoking habit--especially when they consider the addictive and deadly qualities of the nicotine drug.  After viewing this presentation, students will be equipped with the knowledge they need to maintain lifelong health--without cigarettes.

Available in DVD format

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