Too Much: The Extreme Danger of Binge Drinking

Grade levels: 7-College
Total running time: 26 minutes
Price: $139.95

Against the backdrop of Spring Break overindulgence in Panama City, Florida, this documentary examines the harrowing and tragic consequences of underage drinkers who do not understand the real risks of out-of-control alcohol abuse. Using MRIs and PET scans, two brain and alcohol researchers take students on an eye-opening video field trip that graphically shows the damage alcohol causes in the brain. Three-dimensional images of the brain demonstrate what happens as drink after drink is consumed, causing the brain to ultimately shut down the autonomic nervous system, causing death. Viewers hear from a young teenage girl who was sexually assaulted during a Spring Break drinking binge and from the parent of a student who died from alcohol poisoning while partying with his friends. Interspersed throughout is footage of alternative, alcohol-free Spring Breaks, featuring real teens who decided to do something constructive with their vacations, such as building housing for needy families.

Includes: Teacher's Resource Book with student handouts

Available in DVD format

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