Reality Matters: Students at Risk 6-Pack

These days, students are inundated with mixed messages about drugs, smoking, peer pressure, and many other real-life issues. This DVD 6-pack will help you speak directly to your students about the serious issues teens face during puberty.

Extreme Measures From anorexia to steroids, the desire for the "body beautiful" is impacting very young kids both girls and boys.

Deadly Highs Meet three teenagers: an alcoholic, prescription-drug abuser, and heroin addict, who explain the thrill of flirting with dangerous drugs and alcohol. Are genetics responsible?

Smoke Signals Hear the children of Pat Smith, a 27-year-old mother on a lung machine, as they endure the painful ordeal of watching her die of lung cancer.

High Performance School sports promote physical strength, self-esteem, and teamwork. But is the push to be the best leading to potentially life-long injuries? Are body-building products safe?

Cruel Schools Examine the antagonistic atmosphere that begets violence, and look at some solutions found in the stories of three victims only one of whom lived to tell his own story.

Sexual Pressure Sexual harassment and violence begin in middle school and escalate from there. Learn how sexual insecurities and concerns help fuel harassment.

Grade 6 12
156 min

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