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Testimonials from Providers

“Botvin (LifeSkills) reminds me why I’m here. It reminds me that before I’m teaching civics, I’m teaching eighth-graders ... and that there’s a whole foundation to lay before they trust you and feel comfortable.” -Christian Wrabley,  Teacher, Greater Johnstown Middle School, PA

"It is a program that really does work. It's far from being 'just say no. It does not simply explain to students about the kinds of choices they should be making or should not be making." - David Capeless, Berkshire District Attorney, MA

“We looked at evidence-based curricula across the country. The one that was mentioned time and time again was the Botvin LifeSkills curriculum. A lot of things are included in the curriculum that have not been included in anti-drug programs previously. I think that’s part of what makes the program so effective.” -Alan Miller, Director of COMPACT 2020, Shelby County, AL

"If there is one thing that both the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative and the Gloucester Public School District consider a top priority, it is the health, safety, and well-being of our students. The Botvin LifeSkills Training Program is an important step in that direction.” - Richard Safier, Ed.D., Superintendent of Gloucester Schools, MA

"For example, there is a program called LifeSkills that's in about 3 or 4% of our middle schools. It has great research behind it that shows that it works. Alternatively, there's research that shows that DARE, which is in about 75% of our middle schools, doesn't work. So, if we can move our middle schools from [to] using LifeSkills, instead of DARE, the opportunity to reduce the number of our teens who ever use drugs is substantially higher."  - Gary Mendell, Shatterproof, New York, NY

“We know this program works. We’ve seen the results. Botvin’s emphasis on developing the right “life skills” – good self-esteem, self-confidence and problem-solving prowess – has shown itself to be a difference-maker.” -William McKinney, CEO, United Way of the Laurel Highlands, PA

"It's dynamic. I find that it's an easy curriculum to teach because it's easy to get enthusiastic about it! And as a teacher that's really what makes a lesson and a curriculum so worthwhile. When I can be enthusiastic about it easily, so can the kids." - Kate Blair, Frontier Regional School in Deerfield, MA

"With the enormous research supporting Lifeskills Training’s efficacy, coupled with our experience, there is not a better program in existence that does a better job promoting social-emotional development, positive behaviors and relationships, and reduces the risk of alcohol and drug use/abuse,” - Heath Rocha, Chief Student Services Officer, Carmel Unified School District, CA

“We did the research. LifeSkills Training is the number one program in the country for results, now we have it. Superintendents in all five school districts have made drug prevention part of the curriculum for third through ninth grades beginning with the 2016-17 school year.” - Christine Gardner, Court Assistant for Community Prevention and Education, Greene County, PA

"This is an incredibly effective program. It's been well researched and shown to have really impressive outcomes at reducing youth substance use as well as youth violence and other risky behaviors. It's really positive. It focuses on things like communication skills, decision-making skills, conflict resolution, coping with anxiety, coping with anger.” - Kat Allen, Co-chair of Communities That Care Coalition

"When a child comes to me and they say "Because of LifeSkills I am making better decisions I am staying away from the nonsense and focusing on the grade sense". It has been life changing in our district." - Christina D. DeFalco, LifeSkills Lead Health Educator at the Substance Awareness Center of Indian River County in Florida

"Through Lifeskills we are teaching/equipping them with skills that they need to be productive members of society and be happy and healthy... in every single class we have 100% improvement overall in LifeSkills knowledge." - Cynthia Jones, LifeSkills Instructor, Project Crossroad in Maryland

"As an early adopter of the LST program, I have been really kind of in love with the program for many years, what I like about is that it is focused on essential skills and this very important idea of having children working together with each other. For me it incorporates the great ideas for effective instructions, the teaching skills I want to use to be a strong facilitator and good coach." - Alayne MacArthur, LifeSkills Trainer, NY

"One of my students really looks down on himself, especially in math. He feels he can't do anything I teach him. I thought it would be helpful for him to watch the section about self-esteem. He learned about the different types of self-esteem and what it means. He was able to speak on what he thought he was good at and needed more work on. He learned how to improve his self-esteem by creating a list kit to keep." 2009 Teacher's Choice Award Evaluator on the Award-Winning Botvin LifeSkills Training Elementary CD-ROM

"Public school, what used to be a place of just the A,B,C's is now a place required to pick up what is missing in the homes of our youth. LifeSkills Training can provide the educator with a quality curriculum to support that missing link that is tragically not being provided in some of our student's homes. I have heard students say in the halls, "hey cool we have LifeSkills class today"! This is a curriculum that not only meets the needs of the educator but most importantly it meets the needs of our youth. The best judge of this curriculum is the kids and plain and simple, they like it."
John Richardson, Coordinator New Directions Grant, Vermont LifeSkills Training; Teacher and Trainer of Teachers

"After completing the training, I witnessed my colleague working with a group of children and using the techniques we learned in the LST sessions. The kids were involved and motivated and he was enthusiastically delighted with the amount of participation. This training model encourages teachers to interact with children in a way which promotes positive exchange, creates a new level of trust in the classroom, sets up the dynamics for supportive and significant long term learning and is just wonderful old fashioned FUN".
Gena Rotas, Springfield, MA, Teacher

"I've found LifeSkills to be a highly effective, evidence based, social skills program for teachers to present to students in the Denver Public Schools."
Dr. Gene Jacquez, Licensed Psychologist, Program Manager of Safe and Drug Free Schools, Denver Public Schools

"LST is a teacher-friendly, student-centered curriculum targeting the most basic prevention strategies. It is easily implemented in the classroom and aligns with many of the national health standards. Kids enjoy the behavior rehearsals (role plays) and always ask to do more."
Geri Graham, 31 years, Minnesota middle school teacher

"We are implementing Botvin's LifeSkills Training in 10 of our area middle schools. At a recent meeting of our educational coalition, teachers expressed excitement and enthusiasm for a curriculum that allows strong student interaction, fun activities that promote social skills, and a program that shows immediate changes in behaviors. The Communication unit, in particular, which includes behavior rehearsals, allows students an opportunity to "act out" while providing an immediate awareness of how body language is a form of communication. While we are primarily targeted to 6th, 7th and 8th grade youth, several schools are now planning to implement Botvin's Life Skills in grades 3, 4 and 5 also."
Casey Boyle Eldridge, Coordinator
New Directions - A Substance Prevention Initiative in Caledonia and southern Essex Counties in Vermont

"Unlike other prevention programs, LST is research based and has a solid track record that shows results. Its approach is somewhat common sense, in that, any multi-faceted problem requires a multi-faceted approach - LST does just that. It approaches the problem of substance abuse from more than one angle and gets to the heart of the matter. It offers kids hands-on skills that they can apply in real day-to-day situations. In addition, teachers can complete a lesson in the 45minute class period and know that they have addressed the important issues that affect their students. As a trainee, I am excited about becoming a lead trainer because I believe that I can be part of a program/approach that offers a proven method of helping our youth. Oddly enough, this is the same reason that as a parent I am attracted to LST."
Cherrie Campbell, New York, NY

"LST is a natural addition to an academic curriculum. The self image and decision making units help both teacher and student clarify a course for the classroom wherein positive feedback creates an inclusive environment where personal and group goals can be achieved."

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