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Testimonials from Students

“LifeSkills has shown me that the most important thing is to set good example and show pride. It’s not always about being a part of the coolest clique or looking the best. Set goals and stand up for what you believe in, have fun, be confident, and make the most of life. All of this has been shown to me in LifeSkills and has helped me become a better person, inside and out.” Student, Vero Beach, FL

"Maya Angelou told me in a famous poem that I was on my way to becoming a phenomenal woman.  I feel that LifeSkills is a critical step that I have conquered that is putting me closer to reaching that goal.  LifeSkills has been such a great experience for me because it has taught me so much about morals, values, and decision making.  LifeSkills is an essential class that many people should consider taking because it truly works.  I learned great ways to overcome peer pressure and I learned to say “no” to drugs in a respectful way……I, Kajanae Walton, am a LifeSkills graduate and I am definitely on my way to becoming a phenomenal woman."
Kajanae Walton – Mary Bird Student LifeSkills Graduation Speech Fairfield, CA  

"I used to think I had to be Wonder Woman in order to avoid the pitfalls that life has to offer.  However, this year in LifeSkills I learned that it is very easy to say “no” to what is truly wrong.  I learned that drugs can have a negative effect on me, but also on people around me, such as my family and friends.  I hear people all the time use the excuse that they smoke cigarettes to calm their nerves, however, in LifeSkills I learned that smoking cigarettes actually makes your nerves worse.  LifeSkills provided me with qualities and skills I will use for the rest of my life.  I know now how not to let pressure get the best of me.  I think before I speak because I know any kind of insult whether it is big or small can hurt someone’s feelings.  Overall, I am proud to say that I, Willena Glaster, am a better person because of LifeSkills.  I would like to conclude this speech by advising my peers to join LifeSkills because it gives you life advice not just for the present, but also the future." Willena Glaster – Middle School LifeSkills Graduation Speech, Fairfield, CA

"The LifeSkills program is a great tool to help reduce tobacco use among youth. The program has taught me and my fellow classmates the life skills we need to reach our full potential. I'm sure that the program has enlightened many youth, including myself, to make different choices and live a long, healthy, tobacco-free life!" 
Alyson Brown, Manchester Middle School, Richmond, VA

"This program has actually made my second period of the day (LifeSkills) fun!!! It is much more interesting than I expected and I would recomend this program to any life skills teacher!!!"
Audrey Henkels, Cooperstown, NY

"My class and I just finished your book LifeSkills Training. Our school Cunningham and the students loved your book. We related in positive ways. I myself as a student at Cunningham related to this book in very good ways. So I thank you not only for me but also for my whole school. In your book life skills training, the chapter that I mostly related to was Self-Image and Self-Improvement. In this chapter it makes you list your strong and weak points. This might make you realized things about yourself that you never knew about yourself. You might change the bad things about yourself. I liked how you made the worksheet that you can list the good and bad things about you. I really didn't have any regrets on reading this chapter or book. So thank you for this program."
Andrene Clay, I.S. 234, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm a student of Cunningham. My class and I enjoyed this program. Thank you for sending this program, LifeSkills Training to our Cunningham Intermediate School. The chapter/topic that most impressed me was Social Skills. Social Skills talked about Getting Over Being Shy. That really had helped me get over shyness. Social Skill was helpful. But it did not mention what type of person to start a conversation to. The subject on this topic, Social Skills should have contained more details or even in higher details. I hope these information comes useful to my future."
Henry Eng, I.S. 234, Brooklyn, NY

"My class and I have recently completed "LifeSkills Training". We would like to thank you for choosing to send this delightful program to I.S. 234. We really appreciated it. Doing the activities in this program was really fun. I enjoyed almost all the chapters but I mostly enjoyed chapter 1, "Self Image and Self Improvement". This chapter helped me a lot. After I read all the tips on how to achieve goals and on how to improve your self and your image. I started caring about myself and on how I look. Before I read this chapter I didn't care how I looked. After I changed my self-image I started to feel good about myself. I started socializing more and I got higher grades in school. This is why I really enjoyed this chapter. I would recommend this workbook to everyone. Everyone thinks that self-image is just looking good but inside them they know that they just don't feel right. They don't feel comfortable with themselves. Those type of people have to learn that self-image affects how good you are. Also they have to know that people that feel good about themselves have more confidence and more popular than those who don't. This is why I would recommend this chapter to everyone. Again, I thank you for these workbooks, we really appreciated it. They were very helpful. We all learned new things that were really interesting. We hope that next year you will send them again."
Gisselle Alba, I.S. 234, Brooklyn, NY

"My class and I just finished your bookLifeSkills Training. The book was interesting to learn about. I want to thank the program for choosing our school Cunningham to be in the LifeSkillsTraining program this year. The chapter that I think most impressed me was Social Skills. The chapter most impressed me because when I meet someone new I never talk to them or I just ignore them, but when I learned about it I felt confident that I can talk to someone without being shy. The chapter about Social Skills is about someone who is kinda shy and meets someone they like or someone who wants to get over shyness or meeting new people. The chapter tells you some tips like start a conversation going or ending, and compliments. Thank you again for choosing our school and helping me get over my shyness for people I meet."
Simone Maledon, I.S. 234, Brooklyn, NY

"Hello, I appreciate that you chose Cunningham to be part of your program. I learned a lot. My favorite topic was Assertiveness. It taught me how not to be passive or aggressive and how to stay calm and different ways of saying no. However, I recommend that you put in how to stop a fight. Thank you again for choosing Cunningham."
Kergeniv Goyfman, I.S. 234, Brooklyn, NY

"Hello, I am a student at Cunningham I.S.234. My class and I have recently completed your program "LifeSkills Training". We enjoyed it. In your program, my favorite chapter was "social skills". I liked this chapter because it was about socializing and I like to socialize. It was really interesting to learn new ways to meet people and to learn how to make interesting conversations. However, your chapters were very short. Also, you left out a lot of issues. Other than that, your program was great. I look forward to using the info that I have learned." Jeannie Thai, I.S. 234, Brooklyn, NY 

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