Substance Abuse
Bullying Prevention Programs
Health and Nutrition

Other Prevention Programs

Media Detective Family Night

TARGETED! How Tobacco & Alcohol Companies Try to Get You Hooked

Alcohol & the Teenage Brain: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals

Club Drugs: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals

Marijuana: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals

Prescription Drugs Update

Reality Matters: Deadly Highs

Reality Matters: Smoke Signals

Reality Matters: Students at Risk 6-Pack

Rushing, Crashing, Dying: The Meth Epidemic

The Real True & False about Alcohol, Marijuana, and Inhalants

The Truth about Teen Alcohol Use 101: A Social Norms Approach

Too Much: The Extreme Danger of Binge Drinking

Top Ten Myths about Alcohol and Drugs

Underage Drinking: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals

Wise Owl’s Drug Safety Kit


Bully Proof Kit

Bullying: You Don't Have To Take It Anymore

I Was Cyberbullied

Reality Matters: Cruel Schools

Reducing Conflict in the Classroom Series

Standing Tall: Learning Assertiveness Skills

Wise Owl Bully Stopper Kit


Coping with Disruptive Life Changes

Dating for Real: Building Safe and Healthy Relationships

Financial Literacy for Students

Reality Matters for Parents 4-Pack DVD

Reality Matters: Extreme Measures

Reality Matters: High Performance

Reality Matters: Sex and STDs

Reality Matters: Sexual Pressures

Reality Matters: Stress and Anxiety

Setting Goals for Healthy Living DVD

Skills for Healthy Living: Advocating for Better Health

Skills for Healthy Living: Analyzing Media Influences

Skills for Healthy Living: Coping with Change

Skills for Healthy Living: Handling Stress

Skills for Healthy Living: Learning to Like Yourself

Skills for Healthy Living: Making Healthy Choices

Skills for Healthy Living: Playing It Safe

Skills for Healthy Living: Sex and Consequences

Skills for Healthy Living: Taking Charge of Your Health

Skills for Healthy Living: Weighing the Risks

Toxic Relationships

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Friend?


Healthy Eating & Exercise: Putting It All Together with

MyPlate & You: Learning about Nutrition, Health & Exercise

MyPlate, My Health: The Newest Dietary Guidelines

Overweight in America: Why Are We Getting So Fat?

Portion Distortion: Seeing the Healthy Way to Eat

Reality Matters: Obesity and Nutrition

Ten Reasons to Get in Shape

Understanding Obesity

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