Press Releases

8/22/17 - New Prescription Drug Module to Help Shield Teens from Opioid Crisis
12/16/16 - Surgeon General names LifeSkills Training to Prevent Substance Use
11/29/16 - American Prevention Expert Keynotes International Congress in Barcelona
8/1/16 - National Health Promotion Associates Hosts 2016 Summer Interns
2/4/16 - LifeSkills Training Protects Teens from Prescription Opioid Abuse
12/3/15 - Peru Joins 38 Countries Worldwide Using U.S. Drug Abuse Prevention Program
10/29/15 - Carmel Unified School District Cuts Bullying, Drug & Alcohol Use in Half
6/25/15 - Breakthrough in Preventing Teen Drug Abuse
6/4/15 - National Health Promotion Associates Hosts Summer Interns
5/4/15 - New Approach for Preventing Sexual Violence among College Students
6/10/14 - LifeSkills Training Prevention Program Cuts Teen Smoking Rates in Italy
5/16/14 - Students in Italy Learn Valuable Life Skills from America's Top Prevention Program
4/28/14 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Program Featured at International Conference
4/1/14 - New Report Highlights the Economic Power of Prevention: LifeSkills Training Program Saves $50 for Every $1 Spent
2/28/14 - School Program Works to Battle Prescription Drug Abuse
1/28/14 - National Health Promotion Associates Wins Contract to Develop Teen Pregnancy Prevention Mobile App
10/29/13 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Aligned to Common Core
6/26/13 - National Health Promotion Associates Hosts Summer Interns
6/11/13 - Clean Start to Preventing Addiction: Promoting Life Skills and Resilience
4/30/13 - Media Literacy Programs Prevent Youth Smoking and Drinking
2/22/13 - Top-rated Drug Abuse Prevention Program Unveils New Edition on Capitol Hill
6/28/12 - Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention Program Saves Money--$38 Benefit for Every $1 Invested
5/15/12 - New Study Shows Long-Term Effects of Drug Prevention
5/3/12 - Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin Gives Keynote Address at International Life Skills Summit in New Delhi
4/27/12 - The Botvin LifeSkills Training Program Featured at International Conference
1/4/12 - ABC's 20/20 Episode on Bullying Features LifeSkills Training as a Solution
12/6/11 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Program Earns Top U.S. Justice Department Rating
10/12/11 - Canada's First Nations Communities Focus on Prevention with Botvin LifeSkills Training
7/14/11 - Top-Rated Prevention Program Adds to Online Training Services
3/8/11 - LST Most Widely Used Evidence-based Prevention Program in Elementary Schools
11/16/10 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Launches Free Companion Website
10/21/10 - Top-Rated Prevention Program Launches Online Training
5/25/10 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Launches Award-Winning Parent Program on Amazoné─˘s Kindle
5/18/10 - Pioneers of Prevention Convene to Discuss Blueprints for Violence Prevention
4/20/10 - Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin Presents LifeSkills Training Program at Blueprints Conference for Violence Prevention
3/31/10 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Featured on Canada's Largest National Morning Show
3/16/10 - LST Launches New Program to Prepare Students Transitioning from High School
3/3/10 - California's Anti-Gang Director Identifies Botvin LifeSkills Training as a Proven Program
2/25/10 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Selected as Top Tier Prevention Program
9/29/09 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Showcases Wellness Program at National Prevention Conference
9/22/09 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Helps Educators Provide Teens with Drug Resistance Skills
5/11/09 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Congratulates New Drug Czar
4/21/09 - Botvin LifeSkills Training Earns Top NREPP Ratings
3/13/09 - Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin Presents at Conference Addressing Substance Abuse among Military Personnel
11/25/08 - Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention Program Generates $16 Million in Savings
11/21/08 - Prestigious SAMHSA Awards Given to Organizations Using Botvin LifeSkills Training
11/18/08 - Youth Smoking Rates Plummet in Virginia with Botvin LifeSkills Training
11/17/08 - Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin Presents at the NJ Governoré─˘s Conference on Delinquency Prevention
10/1/08 - Ohio Teen Smoking Rates Down, Thanks to Botvin LifeSkills Training
9/22/08 - Top-Rated Prevention Program Helps Cut Teen Smoking Rate in Alabama
9/4/08 - LifeSkills Training CD-ROM Wins Prestigious Teachers' Choice Award
11/29/07 - Top-Rated Prevention Program Cuts Violent Behavior by up to 50%
12/17/02 - Universal Drug Abuse Prevention Program Found Effective with High-Risk Inner-City School Population
12/17/02 - New LST Parent Program Becomes Available
6/19/02 - Study Shows 46% Reduction in Teen Marijuana Use With LifeSkills Training Program
12/18/01 - Study Shows LifeSkills Training Program Can Cut Binge Drinking in Half
11/17/01 - LifeSkills Training Featured at International Conference
3/21/01 - Large Randomized Study Shows Intervention Program Can Reduce Drug Abuse in Inner-City Minority Youth
5/25/00 - Cutting Substance Abuse by 87 Percent: Weill Cornell Program Wins Federal Award
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