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Immediate Health Effects of Tobacco
Gilbert J. Botvin, Ph.D.

Program Overview
Immediate Health Effects of Tobacco is a stand-alone, video-based tobacco prevention program for middle school students in grades 6–9. The lessons in this program have been extracted from the highly effective
Botvin LifeSkills Training Middle School program and are designed to provide educators with engaging and effective tobacco prevention lesson plans.

Target Audience
Immediate Health Effects of Tobacco is designed for students in grades 6–9. The program can be taught in short, intensive tobacco prevention programs in school, community, and after-school settings.

Program Structure
Immediate Health Effects of Tobacco is divided into two sections and consists of six lessons and accompanying worksheets. Each section contains important information related to tobacco prevention as well as follow-up activities to reinforce each lesson.

  • Smoking: Myths and Realities – 3 lessons
    Focuses on the myths and misconceptions surrounding tobacco use

  • Smoking and Biofeedback – 3 lessons
    Used along with the Smoking and Biofeedback video, concentrates on the physical consequences of smoking

Program Components 

  • A comprehensive teacher’s guide
  • Six sets of student worksheets (30 worksheets per set)
  • Smoking and Biofeedback video

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