Training Services

National Health Promotion Associates offers several types of training and technical assistance for the Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) program. These are described below.

Foundation Training Workshops
One-day workshop prepares individuals to implement the LST program. (Offered online, on-site or open trainings)

Core Training Workshops
Two-day workshop provides in-depth analysis of the curriculum as well as hands-on practice teaching the program. (Offered on-site or open trainings)

Training of Trainers Workshops
Two-day advanced training workshop teaches participants how to deliver and conduct LifeSkills Provider Training Workshops for their organization. Click here for more information.

Parent Program Leader Training Workshops
One-day workshop prepares individuals to assist parents in successfully applying the LifeSkills Parent Program in their homes. (Offered online, on-site or open trainings)

Booster Training Workshops
One-day workshop introduces participants to levels 2 and 3 of the LST Middle School program. Prerequisite: completion of middle school core and foundation workshops.

These interactive, web-based seminars explore strategies on a variety of topics such as grant-writing, classroom management, implementing a prevention program after-school and more. Email us at to request a customized webinar for your organization.

Technical Assistance and Support
Technical assistance (TA) is a customized support service designed to help program providers identify pre- and post-adoption strengths and challenges and develop action plans and strategies for building institutional and instructional support specific to their site.

  • Web-basedThe LST website is designed to be user friendly, engaging and informative. Browsing through our website often provides the answers to the general questions that first-time implementers of LST may have. In addition, many of the same technical assistance issues are common to different providers and sites.  Answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can found at:

  • E-mail:  If answers to TA questions cannot be found on our website, they can often be answered by e-mail by sending your questions to  E-mail questions are answered by a member of our training support staff.  E-mail allows for quick turnaround to clients' requests.

  • Telephone:  For issues that are not address by the FAQs on our website and cannot be readily addressed via e-mail, technical assistance and support is available by telephone. Technical assistance and support staff members are assigned to specific regions of the country and are able to provide answers to a wide range of TA questions. Where appropriate, TA questions may be referred to one of our trainers.

  • Onsite consultation:  For more complex technical assistance and support issues that cannot be addressed through email, our website, or telephone technical assistance and support channels, onsite technical assistance is available. This support service is customized to the needs of the specific site and delivered by certified LST trainers.

  • Onsite technical assistance workshop: For some larger implementation sites, a more formal and structured form of technical assistance can be both useful and feasible. The following are examples of formal technical assistance workshops that have been designed for sites with particular needs:

      1. A Six-Step, Site-Based Plan for Implementing LST in a school or community
      2. Cultural Approaches to Prevention Education
      3. Classroom Assessment and Outcome Evaluation for the LST program

How to Get Technical Assistance
The following will help you get the support you need and in a format that best fits the needs of you and your colleagues:

Step 1:  Identify the specific issue for which you need technical assistance (TA).

Please browse through our website or consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to determine if the support you need is provided on our website.

Step 2: If the information you need is not contained on our website, contact us by either by e-mail or telephone.

Contact us by e-mail at or contact us by toll-free telephone at 914-421-2525.

Step 3: Once we have determined your technical assistance needs, our staff will work with you to determine the best form of technical assistance for your site. 

Additional Technical Assistance Tools and Resources
Our past experience over more than three decades indicates that many potential problems can be identified and avoided through careful planning. Therefore, we have developed materials to facilitate planning and implementation of the LST program.

LST Planning Workbook    This tool helps schools and communities understand the effective prevention education strategies, conduct a needs assessment of their student population, and develop a plan for implementing the LST program. The planning workbook is the first step in the technical assistance process.

Universal Learning Standards    Many school districts have requested that the LST program be aligned to their state standards.  This tool matches the program's objectives to a universal standard that helps sites align the program to specific state educational standards.

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